A Korean web3 consulting firm DeSpread celebrated its 4th anniversary on November 21st by sharing its past achievements and future visions. It was especially a meaningful event as it marked the first commemoration since its founding in 2019.

More than 20 team members including senior management and DeSpread’s co-CEOs GM Chung and Jason Ye joined the event and revisited on the company’s mission and core values.

DeSpread provides a refined perspective for Web 3 pioneers.

During the event, development team (DeSpread Labs) as well as research, strategy, marketing, and media teams presented their achievements and roadmaps for the next year. Particularly, ‘DeSpread Labs’ showed progress in strengthening its branding initiatives and the development status of the web3 data dashboard platform ‘3ridge.’ The marketing team presented strategies for refining work processes to enhance operational efficiency.

On this day, the co-CEOs of DeSpread shared internal updates such as structure changes and new welfare systems, such as additional vacations for long-term employees with more than three years of employment and maternity leave benefits.

DeSpread has been instrumental in the successful establishment of various global projects, including Solana, alongside others like Stacks, Astar Network, Aptos, Filecoin, etc., within the Korean market. The company has collaborated with over 70 blockchain projects so far.

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Although it began as a web3 consulting firm, DeSpread is currently expanding its business through organizations like ‘DeSpread Research’ and ‘DeSpread Labs’ which are responsible for product development of community onboarding platform 3ridge, and network validator operations.

Jason Ye, the co-CEO, mentioned, “We’ve accumulated substantial expertise in market entry strategies for blockchain projects. Leveraging this, we are developing in-house analysis tools utilizing on-chain data for user activity analysis.” He further stated, “In the future, DeSpread aims to become the Bloomberg of web3, encompassing research and media domains.”

GM Chung, the co-CEO, expressed gratitude, saying, “DeSpread started in 2019 with the intention of adhering to fundamentals in the virtual asset market and aspiring to become a model and benchmark within the market.” He added, “I extend thanks to all team members who have contributed to a robust foundation together over the past four years.”