We’re pleased to announce that DeSpread has partnered with Adventure Gold Dao (AGLD DAO) to create a better blockchain and Autonomous World (AW) ecosystem.

Through this partnership, AGLD DAO and DeSpread will collaborate in a variety of areas, including brand consulting, media communications, community building, and research. Both parties will leverage each other's strengths to support each other's efforts in building AW, which will facilitate the infrastructure development and ecosystem growth of the Autonomous World that has begun to emerge around the core layer-1 ecosystem.

A Core Contributor from AGLD DAO said, "Both AGLD DAO and DeSpread have long proven their worth in the blockchain scene, and we look forward to working together to fulfill our shared vision through genuine collaboration."

Jeff Kim, Head of Partnerships at Despread also commented on the announcement, "Our partnership with AGLD DAO is a pivotal moment for innovative experimentation in the emerging AW space. We're excited to work with AGLD DAO, which has a strong and self-sustaining community, to help advance the ecosystem of the Autonomous World."

About AGLD DAO and AW

AGLD is Adventure Gold's native token, derived from the community-driven text-based non-fungible token (NFT) "Loot" project, and AGLD DAO is the official decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that operates the AGLD token.

AW is a new trend in blockchain gaming, a blockchain-based virtual world where users can create their own new rules. Anyone can participate, because it's implemented with permissionless code. In AW, there is only a premise that supports the universe, and users can expand the universe based on it.

▪ AGLD DAO Official Website: https://adventuregold.org
▪ AGLD DAO Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoldAdventure