DeSpread partners with Tokamak Network, an On-Demand Ethereum Layer-2 solution platform as an education partner, as well as a staking partner to foster the growth of its ecosystem.

Tokamak Network is a blockchain platform that offers great scalability while retaining the level of decentralization and security that Ethereum has. Tokamak is developing a customizable layer-2 solution that could meet the dapp’s needs.

Through this partnership, DeSpread also joins Tokamak Network as a staking partner, providing insights on the project together with an easy-to-follow guide to join Tokamak Network. DeSpread will contribute to the foundation by supporting the infrastructure and education, necessary for Tokamak Network’s expansion and healthy growth of the ecosystem.

“We consider Tokamak Network to be one of the few blockchain projects in Korea that can affect and contribute to the wider global blockchain ecosystem.” said Jaemin Park, DeSpread’s Growth Manager. “Among many other scalability solutions, layer-2 rollup is the solution which majority of Ethereum communities are paying attention to. We are pleased to work with Tokamak Network who is working on providing Plasma and rollups both optimistic and zero-knowledge on-demand.”

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DeSpread as a candidate on Tokamak Network DAO