Hello world. To celebrate the release of our new BI, we’d like to share with you our contributions, capabilities, and vision that made us who we are today.

About DeSpread

Founded in 2019 with three co-founders, DeSpread has been working toward its first goal of creating a healthy blockchain ecosystem by alleviating the imbalance of blockchain-related information formed by language and cultural barriers unique to the Korean market and engaging web3 users in the ecosystem.

After nearly four years since its founding, we have grown into a company of 18 blockchain experts in the absence of any external investment, providing growth and go-to-market strategy consulting services for blockchain projects based on its unparalleled professional market knowledge and experience. We also publish educational materials and research publications for the purpose of shared growth with market participants and the public. We have our very own team of developers, called DeSpread Labs, that operates validators, promotes on-chain activities, and develops web3 community platforms.

Our Fields & Capabilities

Our expertise reaches all areas of Web3, including DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and Gaming. This is why the consulting services we provide are fully optimized and customizable to meet the specific needs.

In the nascent Web3 market with rapid changes and development taking place on a global scale, it is imperative to be able to recognize emerging market trends and create opportunities. This is precisely what we excelled at to bring major projects to international success, and the reason why industry leaders continue to stand by us.

We take great pride in our best-in-class portfolio of projects that were developed from the initial ideation stage to the successful launch and product development. Below is a list of standard services that DeSpread offers, among others:

1. Go-to-Market Strategy Consulting

  • Korean market strategy
  • Global market expansion
  • Web3 products/branding
  • Local partnership / Global network support

2. Project Growth & Marketing

  • Localization of official contents/technical documentations
  • Informative/creative contents development
  • Users/developers’ community development

3. DeSpread Research

  • Web3 market trends
  • Web3 in-depth research and advisory

4. DeSpread Labs

  • Blockchain network validator operations
  • Web3 community tool development
  • Web3 user growth platform development

Our Partners

Since 2019, we’ve been identifying projects with potential in the Web3 market and working with them on a long-term basis. To date, we’ve helped more than 70 global projects grow, many of which are now in top positions in the Web3 market.

DeSpread portfolios

Our Visions

We believe that the values of ‘transnational’ and ‘freedom with responsibility’ implied by Web3 and blockchain will make a big difference in the world. We are still experimenting and exploring various use cases, and we hope to leave our footprints along the way.

Korea is a financial infrastructure and IT powerhouse that will eventually lead the blockchain and Web3 industries, especially in the fields of entertainment, contents and gaming. Having our headquarters located in the heart of Korea, DeSpread will serve as a gateway between the global and Asian markets.

The size and growth rate of the domestic blockchain market is already outpacing those of any other market. Leading the growth of this industry, DeSpread will fulfill its strategic consulting obligations and contribute to the thriving of the overall ecosystem.

If you dream of a globalized financial & metaverse world where everyone can enjoy fair and equal participation, we invite you to join us.

Thank you.

E-mail Contact: contact@despread.io
Official Website: https://despread.io