DeSpread joins BIFROST as a network validator ahead of its own mainnet launch to support the multi-chain ecosystem.

BIFROST network is a blockchain that is compatible with the EVM and uses Substrate technology to implement multi-chain services. It is focused on providing an optimal environment for building multi-chain decentralized apps (DApps). It includes a built-in bridging function and decentralized financial services that allow users to easily use the tokens from different chains through inter-chain messaging. This enables developers to easily create cross-chain applications.

As a validator, DeSpread will participate in the verification process for BIFROST and also provide educational content based on our expertise in the Web3 field to the community and the general public. In addition, we plan to work together to create a foundation for the development of necessary infrastructure for the long-term growth of the multi-chain ecosystem.

DeSpread CTO Leo Yu said “BIFROST is a middleware platform that makes it easy for developers to build various Dapps within the multi-chain ecosystem. It aims to create an environment that is easy for developers to participate in, and we believe that it has the potential to expand the multi-chain ecosystem through many DApps in the future. DeSpread is also excited to participate in the BIFROST platform ecosystem and support multi-chain efforts.”

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