DeSpread joins HAVAH as a validator to support NFT inter-chain ecosystem.

HAVAH is an inter-chain platform that aims to make it possible for anyone to use NFTs in various ways. HAVAH brings together NFTs that are spread across different networks or tied to specific blockchain projects, so that users can use them on the BNB or Klaytn chains, for example, and exchange them without worrying about which chain they belong to. Through HAVAH’s interchain NFT transfer technology, users can access a wide range of experiences provided by the HAVAH platform, such as games, social, and financial services.

As a validator, DeSpread will join HAVAH’s inter-chain NFT validation processes. DeSpread plans to provide educational content based on our expertise in the Web3 field to the HAVAH community and the general public. This will allow DeSpread to contribute its knowledge to the development of the HAVAH ecosystem.

DeSpread CTO Leo Yu said “HAVAH is a project that well reflects the needs of many users who want to use NFTs in a more universal way, beyond the limitations of individual chains. We believe it can provide a good user experience in the upcoming multi-chain ecosystem. We are very happy that DeSpread will be able to participate in the HAVAH ecosystem and support various public chains.”

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