DeSpread joins Orbit Bridge of Orbit Chain, a cross-chain platform, as a validator to support a multichain ecosystem.

Orbit Chain is a blockchain based on interoperability that supports the movement and sharing of data stored by various public blockchains, in October 2020. Orbit Chain has launched Orbit Bridge, a decentralized liquidity bridge protocol, and since then has been making efforts to connect the fragmented public blockchain ecosystem. At the moment, Orbit Bridge supports 16 different public chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Klaytn, HECO, etc.

As a validator, DeSpread will join Orbit Bridge’s asset validation processes. It will start with providing support to polygon-based asset validation and will extend its scope of support to other networks. Also, it will provide training and infrastructure for participants in the Orbit Chain ecosystem, providing guidelines to ensure adequate participation in the ecosystem.

DeSpread CEO GM Chung said “Orbit Chain is leading domestic blockchain projects in terms of demonstrating its global capability, and I believe it will cement itself as the core infrastructure for the upcoming multichain ecosystem. “, and he added, “In this regard, it is a great pleasure for DeSpread to join the Orbit Chain ecosystem and therefore to support various public chains.”

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