DeSpread has partnered with Galxe, a Web3 community building platform, to create a culture of on-chain participation in the Korean market.

Galxe is a blockchain infrastructure project that provides on-chain and off-chain data-driven digital identities for the Web3 ecosystem. It has nearly 14 million users and helps build communities for over 4,000 projects, including Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

As part of the collaboration, DeSpread plans to establish Galxe as the leading Web3 community building platform in the Korean market and simultaneously conduct joint promotions to spread the culture of on-chain usage. In addition, DeSpread will provide a hub for various Web3 projects based in Korea to build global communities and deploy services through the Galxe platform. In addition, DeSpread's global Web3 network and partners will be strategically onboarded to build effective local communities through Galxe.

"We hope that all of our partners will take this opportunity to build meaningful communities in the Web3 market through Galxe," said GM Chung, co-CEO of DeSpread. “In particular, this collaboration is not just about community building, but also about spreading the culture of on-chain usage in the Korean market. We believe that Galxe's innovative suite of products will help us achieve these goals."

Charles Wayn, co-founder of Galxe, expressed his excitement: "Our collaboration with DeSpread aligns with our commitment to empower users and contribute to the growth of blockchain in Korea and beyond."

About Galxe

Galxe is a leading platform for building Web3 communities. With over 14 million users, Galxe has driven the growth of over 4,000 partners, including Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum, by offering a rewards-based loyalty program. It has also run nearly 40,000 campaigns with its partners and boasts 8 million monthly visitors.

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About DeSpread

DeSpread is a leading blockchain consulting firm based in Seoul, South Korea which is founded in 2019. DeSpread provides various solutions starting from go-to-market strategy, Media PR communication, and branding to awareness growth for both domestic and global projects with their unparalleled professional market knowledge and experience. Their expertise reaches all areas of Web3, including DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and Gaming, and the consulting services are fully optimized and customizable to meet the specific needs.

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