DeSpread Participates as Partner at IVS2024 KYOTO

DeSpread is set to participate as a partner in IVS2024 KYOTO, taking place in Kyoto from July 4th to 6th.
DeSpread Participates as Partner at IVS2024 KYOTO
DeSpread Participates as Partner at IVS2024 KYOTO

DeSpread is set to participate as a partner in IVS2024 KYOTO, taking place from July 4th to 6th in Kyoto, Japan.

IVS2024 KYOTO is Japan's largest startup conference, bringing together leaders from both Web 2 and Web 3 under the theme "Cross Boundaries." The event will feature various events including IVS Crypto 2024 and IVS2024 Launchpad, and more.

1. IVS2024

IVS2024, taking place from July 4th to 6th, will gather leaders from Japan's startup industry to share insights on Web 2, Web 3, and AI. The event is expected to attract over 15,000 attendees, including VCs, project leaders, media representatives, and students.

2. IVS Crypto 2024

Building on its last year's success, IVS Crypto 2024 focuses on blockchain technology and Web 3 through gaming, entertainment, and AI.

Together with the Japan Blockchain Week Summit, IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO will be the main event of Japan Blockchain Week, featuring an extensive program with numerous Web 3.0 and blockchain pioneers.

3. IVS2024 Launchpad

IVS2024 Launchpad is one of Japan's largest pitch contests, considered a gateway to success for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Finalists, selected from over 250 companies, will have approximately 6 minutes to present their products and visions.

As a partner of IVS2024, DeSpread is aiming to meet various projects within Japan to bridge the information gap between Japanese and Korean and lay the foundation for becoming a leading consulting group representing Asia.

For more details on IVS2024 KYOTO, please visit the links below:

▪ IVS2024 Official Website:
▪ IVS2024 Side Events:
▪ IVS2024 Ticketing Link:
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