We are pleased to announce that DeSpread has entered into a strategic partnership with TechFlow, the most influential crypto media in the Chinese region, to foster the aligned growth of the Chinese and Korean crypto market. The partnership aims to bridge the information gap between the regions and to help overseas blockchain projects expand their business in broader Asia.

Due to the linguistic, cultural, and regulatory disparities, each country often exhibits its unique environment irrespective of the industry sector. In the blockchain and crypto industry for instance, we can discover that the markets in different countries are significantly different, and lack consistency in information. However, considering that the core of blockchain technology is to enable cross-border interoperability, it is necessary to minimize these differences between each country caused by the information gap.

China was the largest market in the early days of the crypto industry, with over 40% of Bitcoin’s hashpower. In fact, alongside the United States, China had many large investments and startups arising from various sectors. In 2021 however, Chinese regulators banned all cryptocurrency-related businesses, causing many crypto businesses to shut down in the mainland.

Nevertheless, the linguistic commonality of “Chinese” has created a “Greater Chinese speaking market” across many countries. Capital and companies from mainland China have migrated to countries outside the region. The ubiquity of the Chinese language, which is spoken by more than 1 billion of the world’s 8 billion people, has allowed the existing Chinese crypto market to expand into larger markets across Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and beyond.

Beyond these geographic boundaries, the Chinese market, which is centered around the world’s most spoken language, is expected to remain unrivaled in terms of capitalization and impact. Recognizing the impact that this market could potentially bring, DeSpread is thrilled to partner with TechFlow, China’s most influential crypto media company, to foster the synergy across the East Asian region.

Through this partnership, DeSpread and TechFlow plan to localize and publish research reports in each region, exchange information on the Korean and Chinese markets, and to leverage the networks to help global Web3 projects enter the Asian market.

Andy Park, Lead of Chinese Businesses at DeSpread, said, “TechFlow is the most influential media in China, and through this cooperation, we will help various projects to enter the Chinese market. As an extension of our previous partnership with Japan’s Crypto Times, we are looking forward to the synergies that we will be able to bring in the East Asia region.”

Zolo Xiong, Partner at TechFlow, said, “The South Korean market is undoubtedly one of the most important markets in the cryptocurrency industry. Despread has been deeply involved in the Korean market for many years, and has a wealth of experience and top-notch research capabilities in the Korean market. Through this cooperation, we will closely work together to leverage the resources of the Chinese and Korean markets, break through the barriers, and bring high-quality content and efficient communication to both markets.”

About TechFlow

Founded in 2020, TechFlow is a cutting-edge crypto media that produces the most popular original content and has the highest user quality. TechFlow is well known for the content quality and depth of reports, and has been recognized and favored by many top partners in the industry.

TechFlow has the top social media influence among Chinese crypto media. In addition to PR services, it also provides comprehensive services such as integrated marketing strategies, brand design, technical support, FA, and market making.

Learn more about TechFlow by visiting techflowpost.com, or TechFlow’s X at x.com/TechFlowPost.

About DeSpread

DeSpread is a consulting firm focused on blockchain based in Seoul, South Korea which is founded in 2019. DeSpread provides various solutions starting from go-to-market strategy, branding to awareness growth for both domestic and global projects with their unparalleled professional market knowledge and experience. Their expertise reaches all areas of Web3, including DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and Gaming, and the consulting services are fully optimized and customizable to meet the specific needs.

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