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Hello, I’m Eunji Cho at DeSpread. DeSpread is a company of “Degens” who are immersed in the Web 3 industry. Each of our team members has a unique personality, but we share the same DNA: a genuine love for Web 3. We work in a free-spirited atmosphere, but we’re all professionals in our respective fields.

In the 14th Coffee Chat D's Friends, we wrapped up an interview with Kevin Hwang, the head of the marketing team at DeSpread. This time, we had a conversation with Jun Park, lead of Content Management, about the secrets behind DeSpread’s sustained recognition and success among partners and the community within the rapidly evolving Web3 market over the years.

Jun has been a part of DeSpread since its founding, working within the marketing team as a Project Manager (PM) and overseeing all aspects of content management. Having been responsible for the Web3 content domain for a long time, he has been deploying sophisticated localization strategies specifically for the domestic market in the area of Web3 content management!

Eunji: Could you please introduce yourself?

“Hello, I’m Park Jun from the DeSpread marketing team. I’ve been with DeSpread for about three years.”

Eunji: I’m curious about the reason you got into Web 3 industry.

“GM suggested around 2019 that I should look into blockchain. Until then, I was not well-versed in Web3 and related areas, but gradually, I began to study blockchain.

At that time, everything was in its infancy, so there was significantly less information available, and whitepapers were not easy for the general public to understand. The high barriers to entry made me feel that it would be difficult for this market to become mainstream, and I even wondered if it might quickly disappear.

However, joining DeSpread less than a year after its establishment and directly confronting and experiencing the industry showed me that over time, this market was forming a solid structure and growing. This led me to see the potential for growth in Web3 and to settle into it.”

Eunji: What did you do before joining DeSpread?

“After graduating from university, I served as an Air Force officer for three years. I intended to start job hunting immediately after being discharged, but my plans were disrupted due to the impact of COVID-19. Subsequently, I began to study blockchain as I came across information related to it.”

Eunji: What do you do at DeSpread?

“I’m responsible for project management and overseeing all aspects of content management. The primary task of content management is to meticulously inspect and review the contents produced by our Web3 company.

When managing the content for a Web3 company blog, we differentiate between Google and Naver for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. While many users, including those from overseas companies, use the blog platform Medium, the search engine primarily used by domestic users is Naver. Therefore, to ensure that the content is well-exposed to domestic users, it is necessary to upload it to Naver separately from Medium.

Additionally, I am considering increasing the number of platforms for distributing content to ensure that a diverse audience can access Web3 information.”

Eunji: It seems like DeSpread puts a lot of effort into the content when carrying out project marketing. I’m curious about the reason for this!

“Most companies driving the trends in Web3 are from English-speaking countries. Hence, their content is predominantly in English, and sometimes it does not align with Korean culture. Moreover, since content is something that general people can easily access, it essentially reflects the company’s image or identity. That’s why DeSpread endeavors to adapt these companies’ content to fit the Korean market. In this process, it’s important to produce content in a way that even those who are not familiar with Web3 can understand.”

Eunji: What is considered the most important aspect in Web3 content?

“One of the important aspects to consider in web3 content production is the ability to convey a company's goals and plans to the general user. While web3 content creation may pose relatively more challenges compared to other industries, it’s also worth emphasizing that web2 marketing follows a similar structure.

The pace and trends of change in web3 are fast-moving. Therefore, to educate those who are completely unfamiliar with web3, continuous monitoring is necessary, and the ability to quickly grasp market issues and trends is essential.

In fact, I believe these aspects are strengths of deSpersed content. DeSpread content has been able to gain recognition from communities and partners over the years by maintaining the characteristics of web3 companies while providing localized content.”

Eunji: DeSpread is one of the few Web3 companies that was founded in 2019 and is still thriving today. What do you think are the reasons DeSpread has been able to sustain itself in the industry for so long?

“I believe it’s because it's a gathering of people who are well-versed in the Web3 industry. DeSpread has many individuals who can be called 'industry experts,' who have a deep understanding of and acquire information on specific sectors. In short, all employees are genuinely committed to the Web3 industry. Therefore, I think they have been able to adeptly keep up with the rapid and significant changes in the industry over the years.”

Eunji: You’ve been in the Web3 industry for quite some time now. What do you think are the differences in the Web3 industry compared to the past?

“Compared to when I joined in 2020, it seems like the industry has become more specialized. With the increased diversity in sectors, more companies have formed within project clusters. In the past, I knew about almost every project, but lately, it seems harder to keep track of all projects.

Additionally, as the industry has grown, it appears that there are more sector-specific experts. Unlike in the past where there were many people with a broad understanding, nowadays there seems to be a greater number of individuals specializing deeply in specific fields.?”

Eunji: What do you think is the appeal of the Web3 market?

“I believe that web3 offers abundant opportunities due to its diverse range of sectors. There was an analogy that came up in a conversation with my team members, likening the Web3 industry to the Gold Rush of the Wild West era. Many of us resonated with that analogy. As time passes, each sector becomes more specialized and diversified, which I think will also lead to a greater number of opportunities.”

Eunji: In <2024 Key Trends Highlighted by DeSpread>, you emphasized ‘mass adoption’. What do you think is necessary for mass adoption to occur in the Web3 market?

“It’s crucial to produce content that everyone can understand, and I believe we need more people who can create such content. The Web3 industry, by nature, might seem complicated due to its terminology or technical aspects. However, I think content has the power to break down these barriers.

(As mentioned before) As the industry grows, there are more experts in various Web3 sectors. If these experts produce content that everyone can understand, I believe we will move closer to mass adoption.”

Eunji: Are there any sectors or projects you are looking forward to in the first half of this year?

“In the past, trends formed around one major movement, such as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and DeFi (Decentralized Finance). However, it seems the way trends are forming has changed recently.

These days, various keywords like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RWA (Real World Assets) are being mentioned, but what excites me the most is Bitcoin Layer 2.

Bitcoin is a symbolic element in the blockchain field, but with the initiation of Stacks, it seems the potential for Bitcoin Layer 2 is naturally forming. Therefore, I am currently looking forward to seeing what will emerge from Bitcoin Layer 2.”

Eunji: Do you have any goals or aspirations you wish to achieve at DeSpread?

“I will strive for DeSpread to grow further and for all team members to develop into competent talents in the web3 industry.”

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